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Will my scores in a competition count towards my annual ranking?

Your annual ranking is determined according to your average score that you achieve in every qualifying session of play. If the sessions that you play in the competition are qualifying sessions for the annual ranking, your scores for those sessions will be accredited to your annual ranking, otherwise they will not be accredited to your […]

Why are there a minimum number of sessions that must be scored for me to be a finalist in my division?

Your score must reflect the true standard of your play over the period of the competition, including your ability to cope with ‘bad result’ days. For the period of the competition, your club will determine what is the minimum number of scores you must have and what are the qualifying events, in which you must […]

How am I assigned to a division in a competition?

Your club will define the rules by which players are assigned to each division within any given competition. The DataPrax LeaderBoard software will automatically apply those rules to determine the draw of players in each division for that competition. Your club may also require you to have achieved a current annual ranking for you to […]