FAQ Groups Scoring Errors

How will detected scoring errors affect my results?

Here is an example of a detected scoring error.The scoring system records you as having played with two different players during the same session of play. The DataPrax LeaderBoard software will detect this condition as an error and will discard both sets of scores. The score for both of the players with whom you have […]

How will undetected scoring errors affect my results?

Here is an example of an undetected scoring error. Say you are the top player in the club and the scoring system records you as having played with a player on a day when you were not playing. Your average will most likely go down and the average of the player with whom you were […]

What happens to scores where the DataPrax LeaderBoard software detects an error?

Scores where the DataPrax LeaderBoard detects an error are generally discarded by the software. If a score is discarded, the DataPrax LeaderBoard software produces an error message, where the error number is suffixed with an ‘E’. If the DataPrax LeaderBoard software decides it is able to fix a scoring error, it will do so, but […]

Does the DataPrax LeaderBoard software detect scoring errors?

The DataPrax LeaderBoard software does detect a range of scoring errors and produces an error log every time that it is run. The governing body for each competition must read this error log and correct any scoring errors that have been reported by the DataPrax LeaderBoard software. Some scoring errors, such as ‘incorectly recording your […]

How will scoring errors affect my results?

Scoring errors will affect your ability to qualify as a finalist in any given competition, your overall result for that competition and your annual ranking, in cases where the scoring error was for a qualifying event. Scoring errors should be detected and corrected as soon as possible after the error has been made, in order […]