FAQ Groups Ranking

How is my ranking calculated?

For bridge players, your ranking is calculated according to the average match point score per table per session played over the twelve months preceding the first day of the current month. The player with the highest average is ranked the highest. All ranked players are ranked in descending order of their average scores over the […]

Which scores are included in my ranking?

Scores included in your ranking are the scores from valid qualifying sessions. Your club will determine what is a qualifying session. For example, if there are multiple sessions on a particular day, only one of these sessions would normally be a qualifying session for your division. So if you do not play in the correct […]

Why are there a minimum number of sessions that must be scored before I can gain a ranking?

Your ranking averages out your scores over good and bad days as well as with different players. Therefore a proper trend must be established before you can be given a position that declares the level at which your play is ranked to a reasonable level of accuracy.

Will my ranking go up or down over time?

Your ranking may go up or down as the standard of your play improves or deteriorates.