Monthly Leader

Monthly Leader Competition

  • Players will be divided into 4 divisions. These 4 divisions are determined from the previous 12 months of play using the average match points earned by each player. At least 12 green points sessions need to be completed before you can receive a valid ranking and therefore be included in the draw for the monthly competition.
  • At least 4 green points sessions need to be attended each month to be eligible to win in the LeaderBoard competition for the month. This does not include play in Wednesday, section B. Until 4 sessions have been played in the month, a member’s score will be shown as ‘Unconfirmed’. If a player does not complete at least 4 sessions in the month and gains a winning place, their position will be awarded to the next eligible player. Players who only play with the same partner will receive an equal score for the period.
  • Red point and other special events such as Team days will not be included in the calculations for the draw or towards the monthly score or eligibility of any player. The top 30 players in each division will be displayed on the club TV screen prior to each day’s play. A full list of players’ positions on the LeaderBoard will be available on the website. The TV display and website results will be adjusted daily.
  • On the first Wednesday playing session of each month prizes will be awarded. Ticket prizes in each division will be: First: 5 win tickets, Second: 3 win tickets, Third: 2 win tickets.